Paperclip Design Limited is a young, creative industrial design studio that seeks solutions to everyday problems with a focus on aviation and seating-related issues.

A paperclip is a very simple but useful tool widely used in everyday life and as such represents the basic design philosophy of the company: solutions that are simple yet effective, and nothing more.

Paperclip Design is the brainchild of designer James Lee and officially incorporated in Hong Kong in 2012.


Innovation. Simplicity. Elegance.

Innovation is the core value of the company. We strive to create trendsetting, out-of-the-box solutions that break new ground. We don’t just design, we invent.

Yet, innovation should not be for innovation’s sake - we are driven to find solutions to real, everyday problems and come up with solutions that are simple, practical and elegant - just like the humble paperclip.

We believe that form should follow function, and designs should honestly reflect what that is.


James Lee is passionate about both aviation and design.

He graduated from The University of Hong Kong in Mechanical Engineering, followed by a Masters in Aeronautics & Astronautics from MIT. His diversified experience in the business side of a major airline have given him understanding of both the commercial and operational aspects of aviation.

To date, James' works have won multiple international awards.