A conceptual study on short-haul premium-class seating was carried out, focusing on features designed with the business traveller in mind.

Spaced at a larger pitch, the design trades width for pitch in order to gain a better recline & easier aisle access. The increased pitch also makes possible other features such as an ottoman, which provides extra storage capability.

The staggered arrangement gives passengers increased space and privacy, as well as providing easier access to non-aisle side passengers for crew.


Short-haul premium-class seating is usually of a relatively higher density as space is more limited. Our design trades seat width for pitch, so that with the given density, rows can be further apart.

This means that the non-aisle seat passenger can walk in or out of the seat more easily; it also provides more convenient access for cabin crew to provide service directly to them without disturbing the aisle-seat passenger.

Reduced width is easily alleviated by the staggered sat arrangement, which offsets adjacent seats to give passengers more personal space.


Greater seat pitch allows other features hitherto impossible in this density.

The ottoman can be used as a footrest, but it also provides a useful surface on which passengers to leave items when not in use temporarily, such as laptop, notepad or reading material during meal times.

The oversized literature pocket is convenient located on side console, and is never out of reach.


Greater seat pitch also has the advantage of providing more room for the seat to recline deeper. This results in a more comfortable and relaxing rest position for the passengers.


Business travellers generally carry with them a number of valuable personal items that they want to store securely while taking a rest.

A cabinet located on the side of seat provides space for items such as wallet, smart phone and watch. The door, which hinges out to open, when closed is blocked by the edge of backrest as the seat reclines. In other words, it is automatically inaccessible to anyone else when the passenger reclines the seat to take a nap – which he or she can do without worrying about the safety of their possessions.


This design concept can be configured for a variety of aircraft appropriate for short-haul, regional operations. The suggested pitch is between 53"-60", with the following seats per row:

  • 7-abreast on A330/787
  • 8-abreast on A350/777
  • 5-abreast on A320/737